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The St. Andrews Society Of Charleston

There exist today throughout the world more than twelve hundred associations which owe their origin to a tendency in Scotchmen to unite for the promotion of some social, charitable, or other purpose.

Of these a hundred or more bear the name and use the insignia of Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. In his home country and in practically every land to which the Scott has emigrated – in the United States, in Canada, South and Central America, in Australia and New Zealand; and in the Far East (China, Siam, and the Federated Malay States) – one or more St. Andrew’s Societies are to be found.

Though they have the same name and for the most part the same purpose; namely, charity, there is no formal affiliation among them. Intercourse is maintained in many instances, however, through correspondence, attendance of a member of one society upon a meeting of another, and a more or less general exchange of greetings on the annual festivals of St. Andrew’s Day.

The St. Andrew’s Society of Charleston, South Carolina, founded in the year 1729, is not only the oldest, but it is also the progenitor of some, possibly a great number, of these St. Andrew’s societies.

That it is the oldest there is little reason to doubt, for all and none of the list of Scottish associations which have been published from time to time does there appear a St. Andrew’s Society with an earlier date of establishment. That it is the progenitor of at least two other associations of the same name is equally certain.

The Purpose Of The St. Andrews Society Of Charleston

“As the Principal Design of a Society is to promote some Publick Good, by the joint endeavours of a Number of People, where particular Men are well dispos’d to do Generous and Charitable Actions, but find it impractical to carry on the same to Advantage without the Assistance and Concurrence of others who are equally inclin’d to establish and support good Undertakings; and as Rules and Orders are absolutley necessary for establishing and continuing all Designs of this Nature; we therefore whose names are underwritten, being willing to contribute our Utmost towards so good a Work, have unanimously enter’d into a Society at Charles-Town in south Carolina the Thirtieth Day of November, in the year of our Lord 1730, have voted and agreed to the following Rules, for the better Management and Improvement of the same”

~Penned by the Founders in the preamble of The Society Rules


The Society provides regular funding to various local charities and educational institutions each year.

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